EdTech Market Brief China Q1 2016 EDUKWEST

EdTech Market Brief China Q1 2016

While some tech outlets have been reporting on a possible drought for edtech startups due to shrinking investor interest in western markets, Asia appears to be headed in the exact opposite opposite direction.

The enthusiasm for all things edtech, fueled by all the different stakeholders, likely makes Asia the most dynamic market for education technology right now.

This is why we chose to bring into focus different Asian markets as first market briefs of this year. On nine pages the EDUKWEST EdTech Market Brief China Q1 2016 contains 26 articles covering the Chinese education and technology landscape in the first quarter of 2016 as well as 26 funding rounds totaling over $248m in investments.

In our EdTech Market Brief China Q1 2016 we share with you insights from well-respected sources covering the K12 and higher education verticals, share news on edtech startups and companies, fundraising, hot verticals, and more.

EdTech in China feels a bit like the U.S. scene some three or four years ago – but without some of the mistakes, or empty promises if you want to call it that. Admittedly, I would take some of the numbers shared in Chinese funding rounds with a grain of salt. But unlike many U.S. edtech startups, and startups in other big western markets alike, 90% of Chinese edtech startups have a business model and a strong focus on how to make money off of their hundreds of thousands, often millions of users, from day one. Yet, profitability is also hard to achieve for Chinese edtech startups.

Test and exam preparation as well as English language tuition are enjoying unbroken popularity and are seeing continued growth. And albeit high demand for places at U.S. universities, the equivalent of a new university opens every week in China, fuelling a merger frenzy in higher education. On the other hand, there are alarming dropout rates of students in rural areas which could turn out really bad for the Chinese economy in the mid term.

Education startups and tech savvy teachers also focus more and more on online courses, resources, apps, 3D printing and robots. Apparently, chinese parents are buying into everything from smart toys to robotics, so that the kids do not to miss out on the preschool coding hype.

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Kirsten Winkler is the founder and editor of EDUKWEST. She also writes about Social Media, Digital Society and Startups at KirstenWinkler.com.