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EdTech M&A: Dev Bootcamp, Learning Earnings, Spiral Universe and SchoolChapters

In this edtech merger & acquisitions roundup we take a look at Dev Bootcamp, a pioneer of the coding bootcamp model, being acquired by Kaplan. Along with raising a fresh $3 million, STI announced the acquisition of Learning Earnings and Spiral Universe. And Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s acquisition of e-portfolio startup SchoolChapters, after an initial investment in the company a bit over a year ago.

Dev Bootcamp

Kaplan acquired Coding School Pioneer Dev Bootcamp

Test prep giant Kaplan acquired Dev Bootcamp, which pioneered the coding bootcamp model. Founded in 2012, Dev Bootcamp offers 9-week programs in San Francisco, Chicago and New York and has graduated more than 600 students to date. The employment rate of Dev Bootcamp graduates is at 85% four month after finishing the program.

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devbootcamp.com | Twitter | Facebook | CrunchBase


STI acquires Learning Earnings and Spiral Universe

Along with raising a fresh $3 million investment round, STI announced the acquisition of three edtech startups.

Learning Earnings

Learning Earnings offers teachers a platform to manage in-classroom rewards to increase student motivation and engagement. Students who earn reward points in the classroom can redeem those points for school supplies, snacks, clothes, music, games, movies and other perks.



Spiral Universe

Founded in 2007, Spiral Universe is a school management platform that includes a cloud based learning and teaching environment among other features. I interviewed the founder Reuben Kerben back in 2010, link below.


spiraluniverse.com | Twitter | CrunchBase


Chalkable, the third startup mentioned in the press release already got acquired by STI back in September 2013. Chalkable is a hybrid between teaching platform and app store, giving teachers access to features including gradebook, calendar and messaging while offering a broad choice of compatible apps and content from across the web which can then be used in the classroom.


chalkable.com | Twitter | Facebook | CrunchBase

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Houghton Mifflin Harcourt acquired e-portfolio platform SchoolChapters Inc.

HMH announced the acquisition of SchoolChapters, an educational solutions provider that offers tools for learning portfolios, personalized education and parent teacher engagement. HMH previously invested in SchoolChapters in April 2013.

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