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EDTECH: Google Translate adds new Features and Languages

The Google Translate team introduced a bunch of new languages to the mobile app. Based on the technology of WordLens, a startup Google acquired last year, you can now instantly translate texts from 27 languages into English using a smartphone camera.

Google also tweaked the instant conversation mode of the app, making it useable in areas with slow mobile networks. Instant Conversation enables users to communicate with people in other languages, using the smartphone as interpreter.

Google also shared some data on the Google Translate community which was launched last year. Millions of language lovers have participated in the crowdsourcing community so far, adding more than 100 million words.

In an interview with TechCrunch, Julie Cattiau, product manager at Google Translate pointed out that the team sees the app as a language learning aid rather than a replacement. Based on the feedback of learners who use Google Translate as a language learning tool, Google Translate added a feature that lets them hear translated words more slowly.


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