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EdTech Funding News: Myagi, TeachBoost, Bulb and StudyBlue

In today’s EdTech Funding News we have two seed rounds with Myagi raising $500k AUD for an online training portal and TeachBoost raising $1.5 million for teacher assessment.

In the Series A range we have Bulb raising $1 million for a publishing and portfolio service. $1.7 million in follow-on funding goes to StudyBlue for its collaborative learning portal.


Myagi raises $500k AUD Seed Round

Myagi, a Melbourne-based edtech startup that offers an online platform for customer service product, sales and compliance training, raised a $500k AUD Seed Round from a group of local and international investors reports Startup Daily.

According to Myagi’s CEO Simon Turner, only one in four consumers in Australia feel that they had a good customer experience while shopping.

Myagi aims to streamline and refresh old forms of training through its online training platform that is also accessible via mobile devices and features incentives for employees as well as real time data analysis for employers.

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TeachBoost raises $1.5 million Seed Round

NYC-based TeachBoost, an observation, evaluation and feedback platform for school administrators and teachers, has raised a $1.5 million Seed Round led by Cue Ball Capital, with participation from Swift River Investments and the EdTech Fund reports EdSurge.

TeachBoost is currently used by 20% of New York City schools, 25% of KIPP schools, and more than 300 schools across 20 states and five countries.

Founded in 2012, TeachBoost aims to engage teachers and administrators in an ongoing, evolving dialogue that fosters the development of effective educators and improved student outcomes. Through the platform administrators can schedule and track the observation process whereas teachers can set and track their personal development goals.

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Bulb raises $1 million Series A

Bulb, a Fort Collins-based publishing tool for creating and sharing learning resources, closed a $1 million Series A from a group of angel investors.

Founded in 2011, Bulb can be used for creating and publishing student portfolios and projects, as well as a delivery platform for courses, lectures and flipping a classroom at any grade level. The funding will be used for further product development and marketing.

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StudyBlue raises $1.7 million

Madison, Wisconsin-based StudyBlue raised an additional $1.7 million from existing investors Great Oaks Venture Capital, the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF), and StudyBlue chairman Steve Wallman reports Xconomy.

Founded in 2009, StudyBlue is a collaborative online learning platform, enabling students to create and share learning material like flashcard decks. To date over 200 million pieces of content have been created by the StudyBlue community that counts 5.5 million members in higher education and K-12.

According to StudyBlue CEO Becky Splitt, over 1 million users have joined the platform in the past year alone. The startup raised more than $20 million in funding to date.

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