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EdTech Europe and SXSWedu partner for Education Events

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EdTech Europe, the conference platform that will host their second conference on June 12th in London, announced a partnership with SXSWedu today. Selected participants from this year’s SXSWedu which took place in Austin earlier this month will be invited to present their products and services at EdTech Europe.

In return participants in this year’s EdTech 20 will be considered for application to future SXSW LAUNCHedu competitions. Ron Reed, SXSWedu Executive Producer also joins the panel which selects this year’s EdTech 20 competitors.

In order to compete for the EdTech 20, education startups that have their main business based in Europe can apply until May 15th. They will be judged by reference to a number of factors including revenue growth, scale, innovation and market impact.

Last year’s winners were InfoMentor out of Iceland, Serious Games Interactive out of Denmark and Sofatutor out of Germany.

This year’s EdTech Europe conference will cover 12 topics

  1. The need to focus on user engagement
  2. The transition from MOOCS to “Selective Online Courses”, or SOOCS
  3. Widespread adoption of BYOD strategies
  4. The rise of data and analytics to drive adaptive learning programmes
  5. Mobile, casual & informal learning apps
  6. Peer-to-peer learning platforms
  7. Increased use of video and immersive learning environments
  8. The emergence of learning record stores
  9. Increased focus on rewards, certification and accreditation
  10. Large media corporates actively investing in e-Learning
  11. Continued growth in online-enabled private tuition
  12. The growing adoption of technology as a delivery mechanism on government-funded vocational skills training market

EdTech Europe is co-organized by Edxus Group and IBIS Capital.


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