EDBRIEF: Learnteria wants to be Yelp for Educators

Learnteria aims to reduce wasteful edtech spending in the PreK-12 space by launching a Yelp-like review platform for educators and parents.

At launch Learnteria enlists 300,000 products and services from over 1000 vendors. Educators and parents are invited to not only rate but also suggest edtech products they use and recommend.

New ‘Yelp for Educators’ Launches – Learnteria Lets Teachers and Parents Be the Judge of PreK-12 Resources that Work (and those that Don’t!)

A true world’s first, Learnteria uncovers proven resources, products and services – spanning everything an educator or parent may spend time or money on – with unbiased feedback from those who have used them.

Lessening the strain on the $700 billion annual education budget, Learnteria contains listings in nearly 10,000 categories on everything from playground equipment and field trip locations to camps, consultants, food vendors, enrollment software and thousands of other resources that educators use each and every day. The site’s founders are now calling for action: asking educators and parents to leave feedback, suggest new listings and ultimately equip their students and children with the best possible tools for success.

WASHINGTON, March 17, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — $700BN is spent every single year on PreK-12 students alone, but how much of it goes to waste? There is no way to sugarcoat the facts: America’s children suffer at the hands of an over-crowded resource market that rarely allows educators and policy makers to purchase the best products and services for student success.

In an effort to arm educators with the knowledge they need to select only the best products, services and resources for their students, a team of former educators and industry executives are launching the world’s first ‘Yelp-style’ resource for the education community, with massive scope and interactivity. It’s called Learnteria – and it’s poised to change how educators’ allocate funds and thus how children learn.

Just as a person would jump onto Yelp or TripAdvisor to get ratings for hotels and restaurants for their upcoming vacation, educators and parents can now turn to Learnteria for ratings, and unbiased information on the resources they use every day. Just like the aforementioned sites, Learnteria is a community built by and for its users, and the company are actively calling on all educators and parents to get involved – not only by providing ratings, but suggesting the products and services they’d like to see listed.

“We already have over one thousand vendors on board that produce a whopping 300,000 listings, covering a huge gamut, including school/classroom products, professional training courses, school bus providers, food vendors, apps and even study materials such as poets and novels,” explains Erick Watt-Udogu, Founder and President of Learnteria, whose company is in DC’s 1776 incubator and graduated from Tallwave’s High Tide accelerator in Scottsdale, AZ . “Our plan is to build the community to contain literally every resource an educator would come into contact with during their career – both in terms of tangible products and features of their actual curriculums.”

Continuing, “Users can add star ratings to resources and use the site’s intuitive search technology to find what they need, at the caliber required to ensure that it is both going to work and provides excellent value for their time and money.”

Learnteria was designed from the ground up to be used by a wide range of education professionals such as teachers, administrators, athletic coaches, nutrition experts and even top-level policy makers.

“Our goal is to help the whole student, and Learnteria’s mandate is to take an interest in all of the ways that parents and educators spend time and money. Every dollar and every moment contributes to students’ experience and success and, the more wisely it is spent, the better students will perform. Right now, the education resource marketplace is flooded, leaving time-strapped educators and parents unable to dive deep into possible resources, in a single location, to find ones that really work. Learnteria will make the process easy and provide real-world feedback. Now, if a teacher needs something, they will be able to discover the most proven resource in minutes and provide their students with an education far above the national average. Then, they can rate/review it so others can do the same,” Watt-Udogu adds.

All educators and interested parents are urged to sign up today, get reviewing and actively suggesting the listings they want to see.

For more information, visit: https://learnteria.com.
Blog: http://Learnteria.tumblr.com/
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/Learnteria
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Learnteria
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/Learnteria

About Learnteria:

Learnteria is a first-of-its kind tool that allows educators to research, rate and review the educational resources they use every day. On Learnteria, Educational Resource Consumers can find big companies and small non-profits, playwrights and scientists, field trip destinations, competitions, athletic equipment, conferences, technology and more. Learnteria is designed to make decision making easier by compiling resources in a single location with feedback from fellow educators.

Contact: Erick Watt-Udogu / 888-930-8504 x 700 / Erick.Watt-Udogu@learnteria.com

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