Duolingo for Schools

Duolingo launches Duolingo for Schools

After announcing a more serious approach to language learning based on behavioural data last month, Duolingo launched its latest feature this week: Duolingo for Schools.

Like the web based portal and the mobile apps, Duolingo for Schools is 100% free to use with no upsells or advertisement which makes it an interesting addition to language learning classrooms in schools, universities or for tutors.

Teachers can track their students through a centralized dashboard and drill down into the performance data of each individual learner. In an interview with Wired Duolingo co-founder Luis von Ahn says that teachers were using the product in classes early on, even though they had to come up with ways to track the data of students by hand.

Based on the new adaptive learning algorithm that is powering Duolingo, language instructors will be able to see how long a student hesitates to give an answer along other insights, helping them to adapt their classroom lessons accordingly. Students will also be able to share their progress with friends and family.

Costa Rica and Guatemala are already piloting Duolingo in public schools, therefore adding a teacher facing feature will only help to further spread the hugely popular language learning app. Of course, there remains a certain barrier when it comes to the availability of computers, mobile devices and Internet connectivity in many of the developing markets.

Duolingo just recently launched a Windows Phone version of the app, making it available on a range of low cost devices in the developing world.

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