Duane Sider of Rosetta Stone

In our recent EDUKWEST interview episode 39 I had the delight to welcome Duane Sider, Director of Learning at Rosetta Stone for the second time.

Rosetta Stone recently launched their new version RS4 TOTALe, therefore this episode is centered around the new possibilities the learners get with TOTALe.

We talk about the recent addition of taking live language lessons with a coach called Rosetta Studio. In a next step we discuss the self paced learning options in Rosetta World, such as playing educational games as well as the less formal language exchange with a conversation partner compared to Rosetta Studio.

We also don’t leave out the new mobile option, the Mobile Companion and their recent effort to develop an efficient Social Media strategy to engage with their customers.

Being one of the persona in tech related education, it is always extremely informative and insightful to have a talk with Duane, so don’t miss this opportunity to listen to our EDUKWEST and see what motivates many of us to develop effective and efficient solutions for online learning using web 2.0.

I’m sure, you will be able to take something away from this talk for your own business or teaching/learning!


Audio only:

1. EDUKWEST #39 with Duane Sider of Rosetta Stone     

Additional Links:

Website: http://www.rosettastone.com
Rosetta Stone on Twitter: @RosettaStone

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