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Startup List: Language Learning – Global

[Updated: 04/2016]

Our Startup List: Language Learning Global gives you access to over 270 edtech startups in the language education space across the globe. Each entry is carefully researched and covers the following points (when information is publicly available):

  • Company Name, Website
  • Country, City
  • Founding Date, Founders
  • B2C, B2B, Vertical, Type, Age Group, Language
  • Tech
  • Investment, Investor, Accelerator
  • User / Download numbers
  • CrunchBase / AngelList Profile / LinkedIn Company Page

Key Findings

The 270+ language learning startups we tracked for this list have raised over $774 million in the past 15 years, with TutorGroup ($315m), OpenEnglish ($120m), Duolingo ($83m), 51Talk ($65m) and Babbel ($32m) leading the list.

In terms of popularity we see the verticals of ESL (English as Second Language), self-paced online language courses, online learning communities and language exchange, tutoring platforms and marketplaces leading the list.

  • ESL: 80
  • Online Course: 49
  • Community: 47
  • Marketplace: 22

85 language learning startups on this list are located in North America (USA and Canada), 110 in Europe (including Russia and Israel) and 49 in Asia.

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