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EdTech Startup List: India

Last Updated [04/2016]

Our EdTech Startup List: India gives you access to details of over 200 companies on the subcontinent. Each entry is carefully researched and covers the following points (when information is publicly available):

  • Company Name, Website
  • Country, City
  • Founding Date, Founders
  • B2C, B2B, Vertical, Type, Age Group, Language
  • Tech
  • Investment, Investor, Accelerator
  • User / Download numbers
  • CrunchBase / AngelList Profile / LinkedIn Company Page

Key Findings

Funding for and investments in education technology startups in India are constantly growing. Especially ventures that focus on K-12, higher education, job-readiness for engineers, platforms that provide job skills, and test preparation are of interest.

There is also a growing vertical of education technology startups that cater to the bottom of the pyramid, especially in rural areas.

Over the past decade the edtech startups featured on the list have raised a total of over $250 million with Byju’s Classes ($105 million), Simplilearn ($28 million), iProf ($15 million) and Toppr ($12 million) leading the list.

About two thirds of the Indian edtech startups on the list are consumer focused (149), about a quarter target corporate clients (41), the rest offer their products to both.


About a quarter of edtech startups are offering services and products for Higher Education (49), a third for K-12 (66). Other strong verticals in India are Test Prep (26) and Continuing Education (16).

EdTech Hubs

The majority of edtech startups (67) is located in Bengaluru (Bangalore). In second place comes Delhi / New Delhi (56), third place goes to Mumbai (25). Other edtech hubs in India are Hyderabad (12) and Chennai (8).

Founding Date

The majority of edtech startups on the list were founded in the past five years

2005 (2)
2007 (3)
2008 (7)
2009 (13)
2010 (14)
2011 (23)
2012 (31)
2013 (33)
2014 (35)
2015 (34)

Kirsten Winkler is the founder and editor of EDUKWEST. She also writes about Social Media, Digital Society and Startups at KirstenWinkler.com.