Darien Brown & Jon Hickey of YongoPal

In this episode I talked to the co-founders of YongoPal Darien Brown (CEO) and Jon Hickey (CTO) about their service that connects South Korean  university students with American students for conversation lessons.

Darien and Jon explain how the idea was born during Darien’s studies in South Korea and both worked on the idea later on to turn it into a scalable product. They gave us also some very detailed insights on the South Korean ESL market and explained how they are going to target this niche of conversation lessons.

YongoPal recently won the UW Business Plan competition and received a price over $25k. The team is also currently raising funding.


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Homepage: http://www.yongopal.com
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Darien on Twitter: @darienbrown
Jon on Twitter: @jonhickey84
YongoPal on Twitter: @YongoPal

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