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CROSSREF:ED #2 Live Online Lessons and Mobile Apps? Learners are not Impressed (Audio)

CROSSREF:ED Audio Podcast

CROSSREF:ED Episode #02

Live Online Lessons and Mobile Apps? Learners are not Impressed

  • recorded: April 10th 2012
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Show Notes

Some data first: in 2011 busuu conducted their survey amongst 16.000 of their users from 150 countries, in 2012 they asked 45.000 members coming from 230 countries. Multiple answers were possible in both surveys.

Both studies vary only very slightly in their results why people learn a language and how much they spent on learning it (close to $1000 on average).

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  • It could just be me, but the audio seems to be cutting in and out.

    • There seems to be a problem with the audio versions of crossref:ed on, don’t know why. Will probably re-upload them on the Internet Archive.

    •  I think the player tries to buffer the whole mp3 as it is only 4 minutes. For the longer versions the player buffers a part and then starts playing. Probably best to download the file.