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Coursera, Rosetta Stone, Alliance Française among the first to offer Google Helpouts

On Tuesday Google officially announced the launch of their latest product Google Helpouts. I wrote about it back in August already, but now we can browse the categories and get a feeling of what people and companies are going to charge for their service.

Speaking of companies. Interestingly, language learning companies like Rosetta Stone, Alliance Française and Lingo Live are among the first adopters. So is MOOC behemoth Coursera offering a mix of free and paid tutoring sessions for its Machine Learning course.

Notably there is a big group of language tutoring both from companies and private tutors in the Education & Career category, showing that this is still the easiest subject to bring online. Prices range from free over $5 to up to $25 per 30 minute session.

Nevertheless other popular subjects like math are also widely offered. As Google Helpouts are built upon Google Hangouts features like screen sharing and document sharing, they also enable tutors to also teach topics that need more interaction or visual support.

The other categories include Arts & Music, Computers & Electronics, Cooking, Fashion & Beauty, Fitness & Nutrition, Health and Home & Garden.

If you think about it, all of those categories are currently very popular topics. Cooking is huge on YouTube as well as on Pinterest and Instagram (I have a fair share in that, as well), same is true for Fashion & Beauty (tons of YouTubers) and Home & Garden.

Personal health and fitness is a big topic among Gen Y and a growing issue in the career space, as well. Startups are very interested in the fitness and health of their employees.

Computer & Electronics is of course the classic helpdesk topic, so it makes a lot of sense to include it in Google Helpouts.

Last but not least Arts & Music. Probably an overlooked vertical in the online education space by many but startups like Betterfly, that recently decided to move its music expert classes entirely online, have over 50k tutors signed up on their service. Another big player in this vertical is TakeLessons which also started to offer online classes with music teachers as additional service to its tutoring marketplace.

If those specialized providers are going to feel the entrance of Google in their space is too early to say. We also don’t know how serious Google is about its latest product as we have seen lots of other promising ones being shut down.

Posting Google Helpouts is still on an invitation only basis.

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    Thanks for sharing this with all of us. I remember someone telling me about this the other day but had forgotten about it.

    • That’s great to hear 🙂 Keep us updated on your experiences with Google Helpouts!

  • UK Tutoring Services – Cambodi

    #Google #Helpouts We are going to have to tell our students in Cambodia about this as they will be well pleased for any extra help. Thanks.