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Class Notes Marketplaces – From Buddy Business to Real Business

Class notes or study notes marketplaces really are a fascinating vertical within the education technology startup space. Of course, most of these ventures are too small to be called a startup. They are more of what is called a buddy business where two or three friends come together with the right skills and create a small business that pays enough for beer and parties. Most of these ventures die as soon as the buddies find a real job or are simply too busy to keep the service up and running.

Class note marketplaces usually pop up on a campus and serve the local student base. If all goes well they might even spread throughout the state. Now, I am not saying that setting this up is an easy task as I am sure that there are a ton of small players we did not even hear of. But from time to time one among those marketplaces gets enough traction to go the next step and become a real startup.

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