Chegg eTextbook Reader

Chegg eTextbook Reader launches today – Works on any Device

Chegg eTextbook Reader

In the wake of Apple’s education event Chegg introduced its new eTextbook Reader today. Though the product has been in the works since August 2011 already according to TechCrunch, the timing of the release just one day before the Apple event shows that the textbook startup space is taking it very serious. Yesterday Kno, an iPad application that features over 150.000 textbooks and various interactive tools announced two new features themselves, Kno Me and Flashcards.

Other than Kno and Inkling Chegg’s eTextbook reader is HTML5 based hence students can access the service from any device may it be a PC, iPad, Laptop or smart phone. The main idea behind the reader is to mimic the way students use their physical textbooks on the one hand and to enhance the experience by new social features on the other hand.

With the Chegg eTextbook Reader students can highlight text, post sticky notes, mark passages with “?” and so on. There is also a crowd-sourced Q&A section based on the Chegg users and experts and a feature called Key Highlight that shows the most important parts of a chapter based on the general activity (highlights, sticky notes etc) of other students.

Below you can watch a short video presentation of the Chegg eTextbook Reader.

Over the past year, Chegg has slowly evolved from being the leader in textbook rentals to a platform that wants to be part of the student’s daily life. The Chegg eTextbook Reader could make the transition from physical textbooks easier for students who don’t think that digital textbooks have arrived just yet or simply don’t have an iPad to access services like Kno and Inkling.

But we might have to rethink all of  that after tomorrow. So stay tuned.

Kay Alexander is the co-founder and creative director of EDUKWEST. You can follow him on Twitter, Facebook or Google+

  • The concept of digital etextbooks is great and even though the prices are lower than physical textbooks, nothing beats paying a low one time fee and being able to download unlimited textbooks to any device for life!

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