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Reading List EdTech Asia EDUKWEST

Reading List: EdTech Asia

Today, Asia in all its variety is likely the most interesting market for education technology.

Although it is mostly China, with its dominance and enormous potential for growth, we hear about when it comes to massive investment rounds, it is lesser covered Asian countries, like Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam or Indonesia, that go through rapid development and quick evolution, which now have the potential to leapfrog some of their more mature Asian neighbors.

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EdTech Funding Report India 1H 2015 EDUKWEST

Report: Indian EdTech Startups raised over $50 million in 1H 2015

Over the past couple of years the Indian subcontinent managed to establish itself as a serious market for investors seeking opportunities to invest in education and EdTech.

At EDUKWEST we see an increased number of startups in the education space getting founded by Indian entrepreneurs, often after having spent time in the US and working for big American companies, but also new funds specially created to support the budding ecosystem.


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EdTech Startup List ESL Global EDUKWEST

Startup List: ESL – Global

Tech solutions for learning English are booming in China, with growth of 23.6 percent in the past five years, and the Middle East, with an estimated market size of $215.7 million by 2018.

Our Startup List: ESL Global gives you access to over 50 edtech startups in the English as Second Language space across the globe.


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Startup List Language Learning Global EDUKWEST

Startup List: Language Learning – Global

After a quiet period, the language learning vertical within education technology is on the upswing once again with young, innovative startups entering the arena attracting a new generation of language learners.

Certainly, it’s the established players that are only too willing to satisfy the growing demand. However, there is now a plethora of new and hungry startups in the language learning space coming in the market whose offers go beyond digitized textbooks and English training only. And it’s startups we specialize in at EDUKWEST.


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Reading List EdTech India EDUKWEST 01-06-2015

Reading List: EdTech India

Despite India’s many challenges, the e-learning industry in the country is on a steady path of growth with increasing internet adoption and better low-cost devices like smartphones and laptops.

In the past year visitors from India have surged massively for EDUKWEST. The country now takes the number 2 spot in terms of number of visitors per month on our site, right after our visitors from the U.S., which is another sign for the increased interest in the Indian education technology sector.

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