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Udemy Online Course Millionaires

HEDLINE: Udemy’s Online Course Millionaires

21 months have gone by since our last report on how much top course creators on the online learning platform can make. That definitely qualifies for an update as Udemy shared new data on its course creator earnings.

At the time of our first post, Udemy’s Top 10 course creators had earned a combined $5 million with the top person having made $450k over the course of two years.

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Google Helpouts Shut Down

Google Helpouts to Shut Down on April 20th

Google Helpouts will be shut down due to “slower than expected growth” on April 20th. Users can download their Helpouts history until November 1st using Google Takeout.

Launched in November 2013, Google Helpouts was an expert directory built upon the Google Hangouts infrastructure. At launch, the platform was used by several education companies including Coursera, Rosetta Stone and Alliance Française.

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CommonBond Nelnet

HEDLINE: Student Loan Refinancer CommonBond partners with Nelnet

Student loan refinancer CommonBond announced a strategic partnership with education planning and financing provider Nelnet. As part of the deal Nelnet invested an undisclosed amount in CommonBond and agreed to finance at least $150 million of CommonBond’s annual loan volume.

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AcadGild adds Expert Mentors to Programming Courses

AcadGild wants to tackle the shortage of IT professionals with an online training portal that connects learners in the United States with mentors from India.

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Google Play for Education

Acer to preload Tablets with Google Play for Education

Taiwanese hardware manufacturer Acer and Google announced a partnership to make Android powered tablet devices pre-loaded with educational content for U.S. K-8 schools.

The 10 inch tablets will be equipped with Google Play for Education, giving teachers and learners access to a wide variety of teacher approved applications.

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Google Translate App

Google adds Word Lens to its Google Translate App

Over the past couple of weeks Microsoft has provided us with more information and a demo of its new Skype Translator feature which translates speech in real-time and displays the translated sentences in the form of captions in the video call.

Today, as reported by the New York Times earlier this week, Google announced an update to their own automatic voice translation for its Android and iOS apps. The new version of the Google Translate mobile apps will now also give live translation from spoken word into written text for select languages and also include the Word Lens technology that Google acquired last year.

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Indonesia Textbook Tablets

Indonesia plans to replace Textbooks with Tablets

Indonesia is expected to become the fourth largest market for mobile devices, surpassing 100 million active monthly users in 2018, according to a recent report by eMarketer.

To better serve students in remote areas of the country, to cut down cost and to overall improve the quality of education, the Ministry of Education and Culture announced that it will replace physical textbooks with tablets and ebooks in the coming years.

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Duolingo for Schools

Duolingo launches Duolingo for Schools

After announcing a more serious approach to language learning based on behavioural data last month, Duolingo launched its latest feature this week: Duolingo for Schools.

Like the web based portal and the mobile apps, Duolingo for Schools is 100% free to use with no upsells or advertisement which makes it an interesting addition to language learning classrooms in schools, universities or for tutors.

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Skype Translator Preview

Skype Translator Preview features Connected Classrooms at Launch

Cross-published on Fair Languages.

Skype today officially launched the Skype Translator Preview with a video showing how the technology can be used to connect classrooms across the globe. In the demo a class from Tacoma in the USA and a class from Mexico City play a game of “Mystery Skype”, asking each other questions to determine in which city they are located respectively.

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Digital Einstein

Digital Einstein gives Online Access to Thousands of Documents

When Albert Einstein died in 1955 he left the world a treasure trove of more than 80.000 documents, from postcards to notebooks and love letters.

Over the past decades Princeton University and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem which is disposed of the copyright by Einstein’s will, have worked together to collect, sort and publish these documents in 30 volumes. Curated by Dr. Diana Kormos-Buchwald, The Einstein Papers Project already published 13 volumes, covering the work and life of the physicist until 1923. The 14th is planned for early 2015 and will contain 1000 documents.

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