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EDUKWEST video interviews with startup founders in education 2.0.

EDUKWEST 103 Pierre Dubuc OpenClassrooms

EDUKWEST #103 with Pierre Dubuc of OpenClassrooms

EDUKWEST #103 Pierre Dubuc OpenClassroomsWhen I think which company to talk with next for EDUKWEST, there is always a couple of criteria I apply. My criteria, as you might you after more than four years of interviewing, include to get a startup early on in their life cycle, the impact this startup might make in 6 to 12 months from now, and portraying entrepreneurs to me is definitely about sharing a good story.

The story of OpenClassrooms is definitely one of the most interesting ones I have heard in a long time, and it shows how far a dedicated team can make it with passion and hard work.

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EDUKWEST 102 Carlos Souza Veduca

EDUKWEST #102 with Carlos Souza of Veduca

EDUKWEST #102 Carlos Souza VeducaAs many of you will know, I have extensively written, interviewed and presented on innovation in Higher Education in general and MOOCs in particular.

Over the past months what I’ve become particularly interested in are the initiatives and startups in this space that do not come from the U.S., and Veduca is certainly one of the most interesting startups in the entire space right now.

Being in the midst of securing a second round of funding for the company, I had the chance to interview Carlos Souza, co-founder and CEO of Veduca on what has happened in the past two years since launch, and what sets them apart from other competitors in this increasingly crowded vertical of online education.

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EDUKWEST 101 Matthew Burr Nomadic Learning

EDUKWEST #101 with Matthew Burr of Nomadic Learning

EDUKWEST 101 Matthew Burr Nomadic LearningJust before the summer break I had the chance for a great conversation with Matthew Burr, co-founder and CEO of Nomadic Learning.

Nomadic describes itself as Next Generation Learning for Next Generation Leaders and they’re focused on the corporate learning space and help organizations connect, engage and prepare leaders for a rapidly changing world.

Nomadic is not the first startup the team has founded, Matthew successfully sold his former education startup in China.

Therefore, there are lots of takeaways, lessons and things to consider for all up and coming startup founders in edtech in this interview. Most notably, we focus on mobile and social learning and how to deliver content that’s engaging for next generation leaders.

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EDUKWEST 100 Audrey Watters Hack Education

EDUKWEST #100 with Audrey Watters of Hack Education

EDUKWEST 100 Audrey Watters Hack EducationAfter more than three years of edublogging, vlogging and interviewing I’m happy to share that EDUKWEST made it to its 100th episode!

It’s without a doubt an achievement for the site itself as you, the audience, see the value in our work. I will admit that I am also a little proud of myself that I have had the endurance to continue doing the interview series when it’s definitely a challenge to figure out how to make it viable for the team but to keep it ad free and free of charge for our users.

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EDUKWEST 99 Matthias Ick Macmillan Digital Education

EDUKWEST #99 with Matthias Ick of Macmillan Digital Education

EDUKWEST 99 Matthias Ick Macmillan Digital EducationI made it to 99 EDUKWEST interviews and thought it would be fun to have an education investor on the show for this repdigit episode!

No sooner said than done I invited Matthias Ick, Managing Director of Macmillan Digital Education whom I’ve had some rather interesting talks with at different occasions over the past couple of months.

Macmillan might still be best known to many of us working in education as one of the big traditional publishing houses with products like onestopenglish for instance. But as we all know, it’s probably wise to look for other opportunities and extend the spectrum of activities and spread into other verticals.

Notably interesting for my work with EDUKWEST are their investment arms, Digital Education as a startup incubator and Macmillan New Ventures for later stage and bigger investments as the name suggests.

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