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teacher got paid ent 26

Teacher got Paid – ENT #26 05-23-2014

This week we saw Apollo Education’s entry into Africa through its acquisition of Milpark Education. Queen Rania Foundation and edX launched Edraak, the first MOOC platform in the Arab speaking world. With Curiosityville Houghton Mifflin Harcourt acquired its second startup within a week. Teachers pay Teachers raised venture capital from three well established funds and eduCanon managed to win two edu competitions which got them $115k in prize money.

All this and more on this week’s Ed News Ticker.

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The Curse of Gates - ENT #24 05-02-2014

The Curse of Gates – ENT #24 05-02-2014

In episode 24 of the Ed News Ticker, titled “The Curse of Gates”, Chris and Kirsten talk more about edtech in the UK, India and Brazil and also cover a variety of US domestic education technology stories.

Our international stories cover funding for Indian startup Foradian Technologies, the strategic partnership of Blackboard with Grupo Positivo in Brazil and Virgin Media’s efforts to save schools in the UK some money.

After inBloom’s untimely demise ConnectEDU also joined the deadpool; let’s hope that BloomBoard will not be affected by the curse of Gates after having raised a $5 million Series A in which the foundation participated.

Companies InsideTrack and EdStart went on a shopping spree.

Furthermore, we also have news for you from some of the big players including Bing for the Classroom, Pearson’s free math app “Virtual Nerd”, Barnes & Noble’s Yuzu is in beta and now has a programming course for kids.

Last but not least, we know a bit more about Osman Rashid’s new edtech venture “Galxyz”, Collegefeed launched a career center platform and we might all soon be able to boost our learning by wearing the Halo Neuroscience Headband.

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edtech news pinata

EdTech News Piñata – ENT #23 04-25-2014

This week on ENT we have EdTech news piñata with quite a few interesting stories for you that illustrate how fast edtech is developing in almost all parts of the world.

India makes the news with funding for a higher science social network and an autism app, and of course TutorVista founder Ganesh acquiring an online school for working professionals.

Adaptive learning platforms and services in the US and China accelerate through new fresh funding and the launch of new tools and services for a more personalized college admissions process.

Yik Yak leaves the cyberbullying scandal behind and gets more money.Curation startup Zoobean also secures funding.

The MOOC / LMS space continues to spark interest in Finland and the US with certainly attracting a broader, more business-oriented audience.

Talking about growing a business, Udemy saw an important change of management this week with Dennis Yang becoming the company’s new CEO.

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student loans

One Trillion Problems but a Loan ain’t One – ENT #22 04-18-2014

With episode 10 of On the Ed Chris and I take the show out of alpha mode and also bring back our popular Ed NewsTicker (ENT) format.

As always we take you through the most important fundraising stories, mergers and acquisitions as well as other other news of the week of April 14.

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On the Ed - Alpha

On the Ed – Alpha 009 – 80 Million Questions

Today we recorded episode nine of On the Ed with our friend Shiv Rajendran of Affectively. Once again, it has been a week full of stories of startups getting funded or raising more money, but we also saw a bigger number of mergers and acquisitions in education that will make an impact on the market in the years to come.

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On the Ed - Alpha

On the Ed – Alpha – 008 – inBloom and New York – Can’t make it there, can’t make it anywhere

This Friday Kirsten and Chris welcomed Katrina Stevens on the show. Katrina is an educator with of 20 years of experience as a teacher and administrator. She has worked in the district offices of Baltimore County Public Schools and is also a consultant and EdSurge’s summit coordinator.

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On the Ed - Alpha

On the Ed – Alpha – 007 Around the EdTech World in 75 Minutes

This week Chris and I talk edtech news and investment with Dublin-based investor Alan Maguire from Versari Partners.

As always we start the show with our newsflash and give you an overview of this week’s funding stories and other news we think are of interest to have a closer look at. You find all the links to the stories at the end of this post.

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On the Ed - Alpha

On the Ed – Alpha – 006 Kids under Surveillance, Rich getting Richer and Learning Flat Rates

For episode 6 of On the Ed, two of our EDUKWEST editors, Alicia Chang and Chris Dawson, joined me to talk about the important stories in education technology of the week.

We start in the episode with our block of K-12 stories. Alicia and Chris discuss whether teaching with the help of audio books actually makes sense from an educational point of view and what group of students might benefit most from such a teaching concept.

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On the Ed - Alpha

On the Ed – Alpha – 005 The $1.1 billion Acquisition, More Funding for Adaptive Learning and Don’t Call it a MOOC

This week I recorded On the Ed episode 005 with my guests Alicia Chang of Play-i, Shiv Rajendran of Affectively and Richard Taylor of ed-invent.

We start this episode with startup Spritz that claims to have reinvented reading through their patent-pending speed reading technology, and I didn’t want to miss out on Alicia’s opinion and comment on it as a scientist.

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On the Ed - Alpha

On the Ed – Alpha – 004 Free SAT Prep, Community Marketplaces, Robots and more

Yesterday we live-streamed our fourth episode of On the Ed, and although we are still in Alpha this work in progress slowly takes shape. It definitely shows that it adds new and interesting layers to the discussion when I do an episode with at least two guests. So regularly having three or more people in the Hangout is one of the objectives for the weeks to come.

This week my guests are Alicia Chang, content lead at San Francisco robotics company Play-i, Matthew Burr, co-founder of NYC startup Nomadic Learning, Shiv Rajendran of London-based Affectively who came on for his third time in a row, and Bhavin Parikh of test prep startup Magoosh who joins us exclusively to share his thoughts on the Khan Academy and College Board partnership.

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