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The Meet Education Project is a podcast series, hosted by Nick DiNardo, focused on deep conversations with the thought leaders, action takers, and “do’ers” in the education industry. Learning and education are only as good as the people behind it. MEP interviews inspiring people who hold many different roles in K-12 and higher education, such as: Teachers, Education entrepreneurs and startups, School leaders & administrators (public, private, and new school models), Consultants, Professors, Higher education professionals, & Students.

MEP 090 Allan Staker Brain Chase Productions

MEP #090 with Allan Staker, CEO of Brain Chase Productions

In this episode of MEP, I talk to Allan Staker, CEO of Brain Chase Productions, about the application called Brain Chase, a 5-week long treasure hunt that enhances math, reading and writing skills for kids during the summer.

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MEP 086 Michael Horn Clayton Christensen Institute Meet Education Project EDUKWEST

MEP #086 with Michael Horn, Co-Founder at Clayton Christensen Institute

In this episode of MEP, Michael Horn, the co-founder of the Clayton Christensen Institute and the executive director of its education program, shares his thoughts on the definition of blended learning, and some successful implementations and designs at schools around the country.

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MEP 077 Dan Cogan-Drew Newsela Meet Education Project EDUKWEST

MEP #077 with Dan Cogan-Drew, Co-Founder and CPO of Newsela

In this episode of Meet Education Project, Dan Cogan-Drew shares some early life experiences that have influenced his work in the field of education. He also talks about the company he co-founded, Newsela, an education technology start-up that delivers written news to readers in K-12 classrooms.

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MEP 075 Michael Staton Learn Capital

MEP #075 with Michael Staton, Partner at Learn Capital

In this episode of MEP, I had the chance to talk to Michael Staton, Partner at Learn Capital, and our conversation centered on the current educational landscape, where educational technology fits, and how it should fit.

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MEP 070 Jakob Garrow EdTrips Meet Education Project EDUKWEST

MEP #070 with Jakob Garrow, Co-Founder and CEO of EdTrips

In this episode of MEP, we have Jakob Garrow, the Co-Founder and CEO of EdTrips. We talk about what EdTrips is and the problem that he’s trying to solve. We also talk about education, experiential learning through the importance of travel, and also about business and building an entrepreneurial mindset. Enjoy the podcast!

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