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ENT: DreamBox, TeachStreet, Math Apps that work, TV Textbooks and Trojan Horses

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Ed News Ticker December 7th 2011

Reed Hastings And John Doerr Put $11M In Adaptive Online Math Learning Platform DreamBox

DreamBox Learning, an adaptive learning startup founded in 2008 raised $11 million from Reed Hastings, the CEO of Netflix and John Doerr. The new round brings the funding of DreamBox to $18 million.

DreamBox Learning will use the new funds to expand its curriculum, fuel future product development, and expand distribution and adoption.

Source: TechCrunch

TeachStreet adds basic formatting to listings

TeachStreet added a small new feature that enables teachers to better format their texts in the listings.

Teachers can now do the following:

  • Bold text
  • Italicize text
  • Add bulleted or numbered lists (like this one!)
  • Edit in HTML

Source: TeachStreet

Proof in Study: Math App Improves Test Scores (And Engagement)

There is more and more evidence and data that math applications like HMH Algebra 1 by ScrollMotion (EDUKWEST interview) and Motion Math are indeed improve the skills of students.

“Fifth graders’ fractions test scores improved an average of over 15% after playing Motion Math for 20 minutes daily over a five-day period, a significant increase compared to a control group.”

Source: MindShift

Thompson: Using Philanthropy As A Trojan Horse

The primary threat to public education aren’t budget cuts or teacher unions.

The biggest danger is the alliance between “the billionaires boys club” and corporate-types like Rupert Murdoch who see schools as a $500 billion untapped market.

Source: Scholastic Administrator

Educational Content and Learning Experiences Wirelessly Delivered to Home TV Console

AT&T and TVTextbook partner to bring interactive educational content directly on the TV screen.

Using AT&T’s 3G network, the student’s learning day will be extended to the home, helping to connect households where computers and Internet connectivity are not readily available. TVT’s flexible design fits into any school district’s IT purchasing strategy, as the content runs on any TV, as well as PCs, and, soon, tablets and other media.

Source: AT&T

A New Instructional Model Keeps At-Risk Kids Engaged

Many teachers have been told that they are to teach from bell to bell. These teachers believe the only real way to teach is to lecture in front of the board for 50 minutes.

Big mistake!

Source: Edutopia

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ENT: 2tor, Livemocha, Coding Students, $6 million to Educate the World & more

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Ed News Ticker December 6th 2011

Gene Wade – TEDxSF – Building the World’s Most Affordable and Accessible Private University Online

TEDx talk by Gene Wade, the Founder and CEO of UniversityNow, a venture-backed start-up, whose vision is a world in which education is universally affordable and accessible to all who seek it.

Source: TEDxSF

Tech startup 2tor rides surge in online education

2tor is still the highest funded startup in education with $65 million in total.

While there are other companies in the space of online education, both Johnson and Katzman agree 2tor doesn’t have an parallel competitor offering the same level of to their high-quality but welcome the emergence of one. “I would love for more people to try to do what we’re doing,” says Johnson.

Source: Reuters

Livemocha takes a crack at Rosetta Stone in retail

According to Livemocha’s CEO Michael Schutzler, sales of the boxed product sold at Barnes & Nobles are going really well.

“(The) bulk of Rosetta Stone’s sales that generate actual margin are in retail. Berlitz has been there for decades,” said Schutzler. “Our partners are Merriam Webster … and therefore we think we have a shot at winning in this arena as well.”

Source: GeekWire

High School Class Gives New Meaning to Learning Apps

At Winchester High School in Massachusetts students are engaged with mobile app development.

“Kids are immediately attracted to mobile technology,” Downs said. “I thought it would be great if I could develop a course that would take advantage of this interest they have and at the same time connect it to software that a majority or students could actually be interested in learning.”

Source: theJOURNAL

It only takes $6 million to Educate the World

Shai Reshef, founder and president of the University of the People (EDUKWEST interview) explains that it would only take a budget of $6 million for the institution to reach sustainability and fulfill its goal of free education for everyone, forever.

Source: Big Think

Funding, Grants & Book Deals: Thiel Fellows Are Making The Grade (With More Classes To Follow)

The Thiel Foundation has decided to launch a second class in 2012. The program is now accepting applications, with a deadline of December 31st. Candidates must be under 20 years of age until that date.

Source: TechCrunch

Behind A Big Data Veteran, GoingOn Brings A Next-Gen Social Platform To Academia

GoingOn pivoted into an on-demand platform for academic institutions which allows them to build their own private social networks.

The ambitious and far-reaching goal for GoingOn, CEO Jon Corshen tells us, is a large-scale platform play: To create a fundamentally new piece of the academic technology ecosystem, one that sits between and ties together LMS, SIS, and the Portal.

Source: TechCrunch

National Literacy Trust highlights book-free millions

Almost four million children in the UK do not own a book, according to a report by the National Literacy Trust.

Source: BBC

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ENT: Interactive Museums, iPads in Schools, Funding for Science Education

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Ed News Ticker for December 5th 2011

Announcing LearnBoost Upgrade features!

A new feature enables teachers to upgrade their accounts to admin with just a few clicks. This feature has been demanded by the users of LearnBoost who wanted to share the tool with other teachers in their school.

Source: LearnBoost Blog

Free app set to socialise with public attractions

LearningHunt is a free app that enables visitors of museums, art galleries, zoos and parks to interact with the attractions or vice-versa.

“The app’s unique selling point is its content management system, so a museum for instance can upload its content such as videos, audio, educational quizzes, historical information or factsheets and quixkly turn these into a mobile app and interactive games.”

Source: siliconrepublic

Worth Ave. Group Launches New “Technology in Education” Grant Giveaway Program Across K-12 Schools Nationwide

Nominations for the grants and prices opened Dec 1st 2011 and will close March 31 2012. All public, private and parochial schools can participate.

The Grand Prize winning school will receive a $25,000 technology grant and the “Best Teacher in America” will receive an iPad 2 in addition to 30 iPod Touch devices for their classroom. As runner-ups, five schools will be awarded $1,000 grants and an iPad2 and to encourage voting, Worth Ave. Group will give an iPad 2 to five random voters and to each individual who referred them. The first 5,000 voters will also receive Worth Ave. Group’s WorthTrack® laptop tracking software — valued at $29.95 each.

Source: marketwire

iPad puts education at students fingertips

As part of its three year technology plan, the Pittsburg district purchased 200 iPads that are shared between all four elementary schools.

“There are a lot of elementary level applications that you can use,” says Brett Dalton, Public Information Officer for the Pittsburg school district.  “You almost sort of need a different level of education, so we wanted to focus there at the early levels.”

Source: KOAM

Lakeville schools betting on digital emphasis in classrooms

Superintendent Lisa Snyder calls for a deep commitment to blending technology and learning like a $500,000 initiative to install or improve wireless Internet access in all the district’s buildings in January.

Many educators, including Snyder, believe using technology will translate into better student achievement because the newest devices and applications allow for more personalized instruction that can reach both struggling and accelerated students. She points to new research involving iPads in Chicago Public Schools that show positive results in both test scores and student engagement.


Science Exchange’s Marketplace For Research Facilities Gets A $1.5 Million Boost

Science Exchange launched in August and offers scientists access to experimental service providers across the globe. This way costly experiments can be easily outsourced , saving costs and time.

Source: TechCrunch

Late Nite Labs Raises $1.1 Million To Bring Virtual Science Education To Campuses

Late Nite Labs is a web-based educational platform offering over 150 experiment simulations in biology and chemistry labs. Teachers can also create their own customized experiments and courses.

Source: TechCrunch

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ENT: 8 New Stanford Courses, Slower Internet on Campus, Classroom Observation & more

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Ed News Ticker for December 1st 2011

Stanford expands free, online information technology course offerings

After the huge success of Stanford’s tuition free online courses on Artificial Intelligence, Data Bases and Machine Learning the university is planning to extend its offer to 8 more courses including

Software as a Service,Computer Science 101Machine LearningCryptographyNatural Language ProcessingHuman Computer InteractionDesign and Analysis of Algorithms I, and Probabilistic Graphic Models

Source: ZDNet

UAA Slows Down Internet to Combat Piracy

As reaction to raising numbers of complaints from legal rights holders the UAA is going to slow down the Internet in the campus dorm rooms to 2mb/s. According to the UAA this is enough to do the necessary work online but too slow to illegally download videos and music.

Source: KTUU

Google+ Now Lets You Conference People Into Hangouts With Free Voice Calls

Google+ users in the US can now add participants via telephone to  Google Hangout.

To activate the feature, simply start a Hangout, click the Invite button at the top, select “Phone”, and enter a phone number. If the recipient picks up, they’ll be instantly connected. The free offer is supposed to last through 2012. There’s no support for international calling, but Google recommends you use Google Voice for that.

Source: TechCrunch

App Takes Classroom Observation to Tablets

GoKnow Mobile Learning, in collaboration with the Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals (MASSP), has released GoObserve, a classroom observation and walkthrough app for Android tablets and the iPad.

Source: theJOURNAL

Digital Learning Enrollment Triples: U.S. Department of Education

55 percent of 2,310 school districts had students enrolled in online courses, ninety-six percent of which were given at the high school level.

Source: Huffington Post

Can Online Portals Transform Hebrew Schools?

In January, Behrman House, the leading publisher of textbooks for the Hebrew school market, will roll out its Online Learning Center, a platform […] offering digital access to its library of lesson plans, games, articles and textbooks.

Source: The Jewish Week

Startup of the Week: Zoomingo

Krishnan Seshadrinathan and Shirish Nadkarni, co-founders of the language learning site LiveMocha raised $1.3 million and launched a new startup in October. Zoomingo is a shopping discovery app for iPhones and Android phones.

Source: TechFlash

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ENT: OpenPrep, Science Contest Winners, SkillShare Badges, UN Education Fund and more

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Ed News Ticker for December 1st 2011

BenchPrep™ Introduces OpenPrep To Enhance Online and Mobile Learning Courses

BenchPrep, a startup that creates web and mobile applications for standardized test prep launched a new feature called OpenPrep. OpenPrep automatically adds opensourced content from Wikipedia, YouTube and of course the Khan Academy to the BenchPrep courses.

“Our goal is to help students tap into this open knowledge base in an intuitive, convenient and engaging way while maintaining the academic structure of a course.” Frank Pinto, Creative Director at BenchPrep

Source: PRWeb

Winners of the first Binary Battle Apps for Science Contest

Mendeley and PLoS announced the winners of the first Binary Battle (EDUKWEST reported). The Grand Prize goes to openSNP.

With openSNP, you can share your personal genome from 23andMe or deCODEme to find the latest relevant research and let scientists discover new genetic associations.

The runner ups are PaperCritic, a post-publication peer review platform and rOpenSci, a provider of R-based tools to facilitate Open Science.

Source: Mendeley

SkillShare now gives users skill set badges with its new redesign

SkillShare, a community marketplace for offline classes (EDUKWEST reported), redesigned its website and added badges for the different skillsets a user of the platform has.

Source: TheNextWeb

Study Finds Rosetta Stone TOTALe Effective for Elementary-School-Age Children

A study conducted by a team of independent, university-level linguistics researchers came to the result that

Rosetta Stone TOTALe positively impacted students’ receptive language abilities in a number of areas. The learners studying Chinese and those studying Spanish made significant improvements from pre-tests to post-tests with a variety of linguistic structures and vocabulary items. The learners were tested on their oral proficiency and listening proficiency, as well as their vocabulary and syntax.

Source: Business Wire

Global Fund for Education Gathers Momentum

Gordon Brown, former British prime minister recently raised the question why not to raise a fund to promote education based on the success of the one aimed at fighting deadly diseases which raised billions of dollars.

“Improving education needs to be a priority for governments and such a fund would signal that indeed it is”

Source: IPS News