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wacom bamboo

Wacom introduces All-New Lineup of Bamboo Tablets

wacom bamboo

They’re finally here! Bamboo Connect, Bamboo Capture and Bamboo Create are all part of the new Bamboo line of tablets by Wacom. Wacom is the world’s leading manufacturer of interactive pen displays, pen tablets and digital interface solutions.

The new-line of Bamboo tablets take the users to the next level with its elegant design and value added software. The tablets offer computer users the freedom to bring ideas and creativity to life by delivering a flexible and fun computing experience with many of the innovative features. As Rick Peterson, the Director of Consumer Products for Wacom Technology Services Corp. states, “With Bamboo, inspiration and expression become one, allowing people to explore computer input in ways they never thought possible.”

With the different users kept in mind, they’ve created the new line targeted to different user profiles. The Bamboo tablets work with Mac® and PC operating systems and will support Windows® 8 by Microsoft®.

Let’s take a closer look at each Bamboo choice.

  1. Bamboo Connect is designed for visual communicators in a home or office environment who want to express their ideas visually and collaborate with digital inking functionality in the latest version of Microsoft®’s Office® Suite . It’s also great for just doodling or white-boarding because Bamboo Connect brings to life the pen-on-paper feeling. Bamboo Connect also comes with Autodesk® Sketchbook Express, a creative software application with multiple inking tools and colors for sketching and painting. ($79.95 USD)
  1. Bamboo Capture is the ideal choice for the photo enthusiast or novice designer who wants to have fun editing or retouching photos with the benefits of Wacom pen input. This line offers pen and multi-touch input in a single device and includes software, Adobe® Photoshop® Elements and Autodesk’s Sketchbook Express. Bamboo Capture allows users to switch between pen input and multi-touch ; the newly improved touch experience has a highly responsive multi-finger touch and improved data sampling. A wireless module is also available as an accessory to allow for wireless connectivity. ($99.95 USD)
  1. Bamboo Create is perfect for home arts, craft projects and photo editing. Of the three Bamboo choices, Bamboo Create lets users do the most. It provides the most complete creative software application bundle in the line; it supports the Bamboo wireless module and ships with Corel® Painter™ Essentials, Adobe Photoshop Elements and Autodesk Sketchbook Express. Just like Bamboo Capture, Bamboo Create also feature multi-touch input capabilities, giving users up to 16 touch points for gesture-based input such as scrolling, zooming and much more, depending on application support and also enables wireless connectivity. Worry free of mistakes… the pressure-sensitive eraser on the other end of the pen can fix errors. It definitely provides twice the work space than Bamboo Capture which lets the customers move freely when making broad pen, pencil or brush strokes on the tablet surface. Its compact size enables users to fit into any laptop bag or backpack. ($199.95 USD)

As briefly mentioned above, Bamboo’s pressure-sensitive, battery-free and cordless pen delivers precise input control and a true pen-on-paper feel. Regardless of the activities performed, whether it is note-taking, editing or sketching, the pen is the ideal tool to use when working with software applications. The eraser on the pen gives users the freedom to make mistakes and makes way for perfection.

The new Wacom Bamboo tablets are available now at most consumer electronics retailers as well as online at Amazon and Wacom’s online store.

Popplet - Collect, Curate and Share your Ideas

Pop Out your Ideas and Share them using Popplet

Popplet - Collect, Curate and Share your Ideas

Popplet lets users share ideas, creations, inspirations on the platform. This is a New York based start-up, with a dedicated team of 6 very creative and talented people. They create fun, gestural and visual experiences for both web and mobile web. It is currently still in the beta version.

All of us are quite used to using PowerPoint for making presentations and using whiteboard and other drawing applications for creating drawings and charts. All this can be done on Popplet! One will find several unique tools for creating, organizing and sharing complex idea all in one place which sure do make things easier.

For teachers, Popplet can easily be integrated into your teaching and make your lessons more visual, colorful, and interactive. .

So what kind of features do Popplet have to make teachings come alive?

One of the many great features on Popplet is being able to link ideas by using the creation of flow charts, mind mapping or even cluster mapping which are wonderful for teaching writing lessons. Teachers can turn brainstorming into an interactive activity by using the Invite feature to invite students to join in on the brainstorming process. What’s even more eye-catching about it is the Sharing feature. Once a chart is created, teachers can either email it to students or post it on Twitter or Facebook to share with the entire class.

Popplet Example
click to view Popplet

Images can also be uploaded with notes written next to it. This feature is a wonderful tool for teaching new vocabulary words or simply for presenting a new concept to students. This is can be done using PowerPoint, but even simpler using Popplet.

Popplet Example
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In addition to linking ideas, uploading images, other features on Popplet includes embedding videos, or drawing images.

For iPad lovers, available on the Apple store is Popplet for iPad… New updates with connection to and also allows for users to collaborate in real-time.

Collect, create, and share your ideas, projects and inspirations using Popplet!

Popplet logo


Twitter: @poppletny
iTunes: Popplet iPad App

Project WissensWerte is Civic Education 2.0

We at EDUKWEST have been talking quite a bit about online educational videos these past days. I talked with Veritasium about how to make great and efficient science videos and we saw a YouTube channel dedicated to teachers in order to learn best practises happen.

Today, I want to share one more innovative initiative with you bringing learners closer to the field of political education. We could say political education for the YouTube generation.

The project is called WissensWerte and its two creators Jan Künzl and Jörn Barkemeyer, founders of the Berlin-based digital agency edeos, have created a number of videos ranging from human rights over the United Nations to globalization and politics so far, and each video explains the individual topic in under 10 minutes.

/ e.V., the organization behind the WissensWerte project is a member corporation, it thus sustains itself through private or official funds and governmental grants which explains that most videos target a German-speaking audience up to know.

That said, in my talk with Jan Künzel he told me about his vision to bring the project on an international level and to attract a global audience. Here you can see the first video in English about Human Rights and there are also localized versions for French and Spanish viewers available on the YouTube channel.

It is the first project for political education that compares very well with the standards in terms of consumption and professional realization the so called YouTube generation is used to. Political awareness in today’s global world is something very important and project WissensWerte gives individuals as well as educators powerful tools at hand.

The project works under the cc license, for all detailed information on how to use the materials you should check back with Jan Künzl. I will, of course, try to win Jan for an EDUKWEST interview about the project.

edeos - digital education


Twitter: @edeos_de

Wacom Inkling Pen turns Analog Sketchbooks into Digital Tablets

Wacom is well known for its reasonably priced graphical tablets that are a great addition to virtual classrooms like Christopher Dawson lately pointed out on ZDNet Education.

The newest gadget is a digital pen called Wacom Inkling. Similar to the Luidia eBeam device that turns any flat surface into an interactive whiteboard, the Inkling device turns any piece of paper into a digital drawing tablet.

The focus of the Wacom Inkling is clearly the creative use of the pen. I like the direct import into drawing programs and the feature to import the drawings as vector graphics. It will work great for sketches and brainstorming but it lacks features like voice recording in case you want to use it during lectures.

The price of the Wacom Inkling is $199 and it will be available mid-September.

Luidia eBeam turns any flat Surface into an Interactive Whiteboard

Robert Scoble of visited recently Luidia, a very interesting company that built a device that turns any flat surface into an interactive whiteboard or collaboration space.

To turn an existing whiteboard into an interactive collaboration space, all you need to do is to put your regular markers in special “sleeves” that connect to the central unit and you can not only record everything written on the whiteboard but also share the whiteboard with other on the Internet.

The price at $750 to $1000 seems to be quite reasonable to me as the unit is portable and can therefore be used in different locations in the school or company. The software to connect other people via the Internet to the meeting or presentation is free and can be downloaded and installed by the participants via the Luidia website.

Via: Building43