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Luvo – When a Well-Funded EdTech Startup gets Boarded-Up

If an edtech startup disappears and nobody notices, did it ever exist? Luvo, formerly Flashnotes, seems to have gone into hibernation, or possibly full shutdown. When you are  visiting the website these days, all you see is a wooden texture and a “Thank you from Luvo” note in the browser tab.

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Udemy Online Course Millionaires

HEDLINE: Udemy’s Online Course Millionaires

21 months have gone by since our last report on how much top course creators on the online learning platform can make. That definitely qualifies for an update as Udemy shared new data on its course creator earnings.

At the time of our first post, Udemy’s Top 10 course creators had earned a combined $5 million with the top person having made $450k over the course of two years.

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Google Helpouts Shut Down

Google Helpouts to Shut Down on April 20th

Google Helpouts will be shut down due to “slower than expected growth” on April 20th. Users can download their Helpouts history until November 1st using Google Takeout.

Launched in November 2013, Google Helpouts was an expert directory built upon the Google Hangouts infrastructure. At launch, the platform was used by several education companies including Coursera, Rosetta Stone and Alliance Française.

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CommonBond Nelnet

HEDLINE: Student Loan Refinancer CommonBond partners with Nelnet

Student loan refinancer CommonBond announced a strategic partnership with education planning and financing provider Nelnet. As part of the deal Nelnet invested an undisclosed amount in CommonBond and agreed to finance at least $150 million of CommonBond’s annual loan volume.

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AcadGild adds Expert Mentors to Programming Courses

AcadGild wants to tackle the shortage of IT professionals with an online training portal that connects learners in the United States with mentors from India.

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