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Meet Education Project

The Meet Education Project is now on EDUKWEST

As you might know, EDUKWEST was built upon the idea to share the conversations I had with edtech startup founders, investors and thought leaders. Over the years the team and I have added new shows, news coverage and opened up EDUKWEST to contributors from across the edtech landscape.

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EDUKWEST Top 10 August 2014

EDUKWEST Top 10: Most Popular Articles in August 2014

Although August is one of the quieter months of the year when it comes to news items for our coverage, this August brought us some interesting stories nevertheless.

From Edmodo’s $30 million Series D over Desire2Learn’s $85 million Series B in the funding section to new hires at Teachers pay Teachers and new launches like Junction Education we had a lot to cover. Here are the top ten stories that got the most attention from our readers.

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Welcome to the EDUKWEST Academy

Today we are proud to take the next step toward making EDUKWEST the go-to destination on the Internet for education entrepreneurs, business oriented educators, investors in edtech and just about everybody with an interest in the fast moving landscape of online education worldwide.

With the launch of the EDUKWEST Academy we add an important new type of content to our already successful coverage of edtech entrepreneurship: courses, guides and advice from select mentors who excel at what they do.

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On the Ed Launch

Introducing our new EDUKWEST formats HEDLINES and On the ED

The regular EDUKWEST audience knows that over the years we have tried out and experimented with a couple of different news and show formats.

As we continue to self-finance the EDUKWEST site and grow from the revenue we make through partnerships and events without any outside funding, we have to be smart about our decisions and how to balance the formats we launched and want to launch with the viewer number and downloads we see for the individual shows.

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EDUKWEST 2014 – The Year Ahead

A very happy and healthy 2014 to all our readers, business partners and supporters. I hope you had the possibility to kick back and relax over the holidays and spent time with your families.

As some might have noticed I stayed away from the bland end-of-year collection posts like our 10 most popular articles of 2013. I’m also committed not to write a post with my top 5 education and technology trends of 2014. If you’re interested in such, I’m sure you know where you can find those.

Instead, I have used the free time a bit more sensibly, I hope at least, trying to reflect on what went well for EDUKWEST in 2013, what didn’t and what I would like to achieve with the team in the new year.

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