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Campaigns with a focus on education from Indiegogo, Kickstarter, gofundme and crowdfunding platforms.

Genius Games EDUKWEST Startup Profile

Startup Profile: Genius Games

Name: Genius Games
Kickstarter: Ion – A Compound Building Game
Headquarters: St. Louis
Vertical: K-12, STEM
Tech: Physical Product

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LumenEd EDUKWEST Startup Profile

Startup Profile: LumenEd

Connecting classrooms across the globe via the Internet has become the new pen pal program, and initiatives like Skype in the Classroom and its instant translation feature are certainly leading the way in developed countries. But what about schools in areas that don’t have access to reliable Internet or even electricity?

LumenEd wants to connect students in developing countries with classrooms in the U.S. through a device called The Bright Orange Box. And you can support it via Kickstarter.

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Can a Kickstarter campaign #saveedshelf? Interview with edshelf co-founder Mike Lee

Last week we wrote about the 60+ edtech startups that are in risk of becoming seed orphans and therefore face an uncertain future. edshelf, an imagine K12 alumnus, is on the brink of shutting down but its co-founder Mike Lee decided to make a last stand in order to buy some additional time and turn his startup around.

edshelf is a socially curated directory of edtech tools that aims to help educators navigate the huge choice of educational apps, desktop programs and electronic products based on recommendations of its community.

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TinkerBots creates Robotic Building Sets for the Entire Family

Robots for children are a growing market. Our science expert Alicia Chang works with US-based Play-i which creates robots that fuse play with programming for preschoolers. And there is MOSS by Modular Robotics which targets a more grown up audience. Both startups have successfully raised money for prototypes or products via crowdfunding campaigns.

Now Berlin-based TinkerBots follows in their footsteps with a robotic building set that wants to appeal to both children and adults, hence the entire family.

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Mini Museum

Be the next P.T. Barnum with a Mini Museum on your Desk

What do coal from the Titanic, dinosaur dung, the Chelyabinsk meteorite and soil from Dracula’s castle have in common? They are all part of the smallest museum in the world and you can own one.

The Kickstarter campaign for Mini Museum still has 24 days to go but the demand is quite extraordinary. Hans Fex has already raised more than 10 times the funding goal of $38.000 and is currently nearing the $500.000 mark.

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