Casey Elliott of thereNow / Iris Connect

In this interview I talked to Casey Elliott, Vice President of Business Development at thereNow.

Iris Connect is a device that is helping teachers to get better at what they are doing. It is basically a supervision camera but not to confuse with a spy camera, of course. The device is connected to the cloud and records the class in the classroom without interfering with the actual teaching. It is small enough that most teachers and students forget about the device and hence a natural class interaction can take place.

During the recording a supervisor / examiner / professor and direct the camera in a 360° angle, zoom in and out but more importantly can make annotations directly on the video. As you can see in the interview where Casey is demonstrating the website and the interface of the device, Iris Connect took all steps necessary to make their product not only valuable to the teachers assessment but also safe and fair.

Teachers own their video and have the possibility to share good assessments with colleagues, if they like to. The overall reaction of institutions and teachers are very positive.

Iris Connect is a great example of the use of technology to enhance the performance of teachers, to actually make them better in their core competences.


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