C12 #9 K12 News

C12 Episode 9 K12 News

C12 #9 K12 NewsIn this K12 News roundup Chris comments on: Adobe Muse, PBS streaming, teacher job protection, Facebook Edutopia partnership, unbundling of schools through tech and an angry mom getting tasered in school.

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  • Adobe Muse
    Source: Adobe
  • New PBS deal could shake up video streaming market for schools
    Source: eSchool News
  • Angry Mom Deserved Taser Shocks at Son’s School
    Source: Yahoo! News
  • Group Sues State of California to Undo Teacher Job Protection
    Source: Yahoo! News
  • Facebook, Edutopia collaborate on social media guide
    Source: eSchool News
  • The Legal Cost of Improper Internet Censorship
    Source: Education Week
  • Will Technology Lead to the Unbundling of Schools?
    Source: Education Week

Christopher Dawson is EDUKWEST's Editor at Large. He is also Senior Contributing Editor at Ziff Davis and The Channel Company.