C12 #9 BotW

C12 Episode 9 Blog of the Week: Web 2.0 Classroom

C12 #9 BotWChristopher Dawson’s blog of the week is Web 2.0 Classroom with a post about using VoiceThread in the classroom.

I think collaboration and reflection are 2 of the biggest skills that kids need but aren’t really getting enough of. Having the opportunity to work together in meaningful ways and to reflect on their work and the work of their peers is key to being a learner. There are lots of tools that you can use to help kids collaborate and reflect. Blogs are a great example. Podcasts are another. However, each can be daunting to set up and actually do.

That’s why I love Voicethread.

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Christopher Dawson is EDUKWEST's Editor at Large. He is also Senior Contributing Editor at Ziff Davis and The Channel Company.