C12 with Christopher Dawson - EDUKWEST

C12 Episode 2 Homework, Homework, Homework

C12 with Christopher Dawson - EDUKWEST

In this second episode C12 Christopher Dawson invited Vince Leung, co-founder of MentorMob to talk about their learning playlists.

The blog of the week features two articles, one by Steve Wheeler about the flipped classroom and the other one by Shelly Blake-Plock on TeachPaperless about the EdTech Link in Baltimore.

Chris also covers the news in K12 including budget cuts, French parents boycotting homework, homework being linked to better school results, Moodlerooms acquisition by Blackboard and the slippery slope of community standards and local rights in the weekly K12 news round-up.

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K12 News


  • Economic recovery skips the classroom
    Source: CNNMoney
  • French parents to boycott homework
    Source: The Guardian
  • Two hours’ homework a night linked to better school results
    Source: The Guardian
  • Moodlerooms CEO: Blackboard acquisition will expand open-source movement
    Source: eSchool News
  • School district, ACLU reach settlement in filtering lawsuit
    Source: eSchool News
  • `Bully’ Documentary Rating: What Happens in Schools Is Too Much for the Multiplex
    Source: The Educated Reporter



Blog of the Week



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