busuu Business Spanish

busuu launches Spanish Business Language Course

busuu Business Spanish

Last month I wrote an article for ESL-Library with the title “Implications for ESL as English becomes a Basic Skill“. To sum the piece up: in a world where English language skills are a must for basically any type of work, people need to find other ways to stand out of the crowd when looking for a job.

In May Michael Schutzler, CEO of Livemocha wrote a similar piece for Forbes stating that

As English usage proliferates worldwide, it’s becoming less of a differentiator or advantage. In fact, it’s making bilingual the new prerequisite. Imagine a world in which everyone speaks English. You just graduated with an accounting degree. Congratulations. Prepare to compete with accounting graduates fluent in at least two languages. Given equal technical qualifications, who do you think will get the job?

But what language other than English should one learn today. Two years ago I already asked myself this question and came up with a list on KirstenWinkler.com. In a recent article on CNN Chinese and Spanish were named as possibly being the most lucrative languages.

Which brings us to busuu. Up to now language learning communities did a good job bring learners from an absolute beginner level to lower intermediate. But for levels beyond that or specialized courses for business, learners needed to look elsewhere.

In September busuu already launched a Business English course for its premium subscribers and today the startup announced the launch of its Business Spanish course. Both intensive courses teach the learner over 600 words and key phrases for business situations like presentations and job interviews.

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