Bill Gates took part in the $20 million ResearchGate Funding Round


Wall Street Journal Deutschland added some more details to the $20 million Series C ResearchGate funding round in early May. According to “a person familiar to the matter” one of the investors in this latest round is Bill Gates.

ResearchGate now connects over 2.5 million researchers worldwide and enables them to share and compare data and collaborate on research projects. The platform is especially popular among biologists and medical scientists.

Therefore, we can assume that ResearchGate is going to play a bigger role in the scientific efforts of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation from now on. Given the strong focus on fighting diseases across the globe, a global network of scientists who share their experiences and data with each other and the Gates Foundation seems to be a good strategic fit.

Ijad Madisch, co-founder of ResearchGate who holds a doctoral degree in medicine, told the Wall Street Journal in February that there is already enough data available for most diseases and therapies. The problem is that there is not enough interconnectedness which is the problem ResearchGate is trying to solve.

ResearchGate planned to officially announce the funding round on June 6th at a press conference in Berlin. Due to the leak of the SEC filing it seems as if the event has been cancelled, though. Neither ResearchGate nor Bill Gates wanted to comment.

via Wall Street Journal Deutschland

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