Becky Splitt and Matt Messinger of StudyBlue

For this episode of EDUKWEST I invited an education start-up from Wisconsin called StudyBlue. That’s definitely a first time experience for me and in itself makes them unique already.

I had the chance to skype with StudyBlue’s CEO Becky Splitt and a little in the interview you’ll get a product demo by their Director of Learning, Matt Messinger.

StudyBlue wants to be the student’s backpack on the Internet as Matt calls it providing them with all the tools including mobile solutions to make note taking, storage of notes and flashcard learning as convenient as possible.

StudyBlue currently concentrate on schools, colleges and universities in the United States but as they are very well funded it can only be a matter of time until they are going to think of spreading across the globe.

I see Higher Education becoming more interesting for start-ups recently, linking serious learning with a social layer.
The flashcard, note taking and sharing market is a competitive one, of course, ranging from solutions like and their change in focus to CoboCards, a more specialized solution in the DACH market to Livemocha as the first language learning community adding user generated flashcards to its offer.

I’m almost sure that this will not be a winner takes it all market segment but execution and eventually substantial funding will help StudyBlue in the growing competition.

I would also like to point you to a KWestions with Matt Messinger when we’ll be talking about the difference of flashcards as a feature and a stand-alone solution later this week.


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