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In this interview I talked to Axel Cateland, Founder & CEO of a platform that offers private social networks for families.

Yoocasa has all features you would expect from a social network like photo and video sharing but also some educational features like a colaborative whiteboard where parents can review the homework of their children or grandparents can play games or color pictures together with their grandchildren.

The service is targeting families who have members that are not living closely together and hence don’t have the possibility to see each other so often or parents who travel a lot for business.


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Axel on Twitter: @Cateland
Yoocasa on Twitter: @Yoocasa
Yoocasa on TechCrunch Paris 2010:

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  • It was a real pleasure exchanging about online eduction with you Kirsten.
    Just one small detail, the homework shared white board feature isn't available yet, but it should be online very soon.

    • Thanks for the clarification. But as quick as you guys are working on the product it can only be a matter of weeks :).