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Custom Logo Cases EdTech Startup Profile EDUKWEST

Custom Logo Cases – EdTech Startup Profile

Name: Custom Logo Cases
Headquarters: Malvern, Australia
Vertical: K-12, Higher Education

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Internet of Things in Education EDUKWEST

The Impact of the Internet of Things in Education

The Internet of Things, or smart technology, covers everyday physical objects that are able to connect to the Internet or other network structures in order to exchange data.

According to Gartner over 6 billion connected “things” will be in use this year and over 20 billion by 2020. Therefore in today’s part of our ongoing series we will take a look at the impact of the Internet of Things in Education. Continue reading

SkillSoniq EdTech Startup Profile EDUKWEST

SkillSoniq – EdTech Startup Profile

Name: SkillSoniq
Headquarters: New York City, USA
Vertical: Professional Development, Skills Assessment, Lifelong Learning
Tech: Web App

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Tinycards Duolingo HEDLINE EDUKWEST

With Tinycards Duolingo takes a first step beyond Language Learning

Educational app maker Duolingo launched a stand-alone flashcard learning app this week making it the company’s first step to move beyond language learning. Is Tinycards going to be a success of similar size like Duolingo’s massively popular language learning apps, or is it more of a trojan horse that aims at taking over the brain training vertical?

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EdTech Market Brief China Q2 2016 EDUKWEST

EdTech Market Brief China Q2 2016

In 2015 China lead the edtech headlines with huge funding announcements. After a healthy first quarter we saw things cooling down during the second quarter. Are these the first signs of a Chinese edtech bubble?

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