Arnaud Portanelli & Guillaume Le Dieu de Ville of

In this interview I talked to Arnaud Portanelli and Guillaume Le Dieu de Ville of a language learning platform based in Paris, France.

I met the team in their Parisian office. Arnaud gives us an overview about the platform in this interview and we talk about Arnaud’s and Guillaume’s personal and professional backgrounds and the philosophy behind Lingueo.

Lingueo shows once again that you can build a legit and decent product even with a small team and a small funding. What you need is passion, understanding of the market and a good network.

The focus of the platform is clearly simplicity on the one hand to make it easy to handle for anybody and almost intuitive to my understanding. The other focus is video as tutors on Lingueo use video actively to introduce themselves and showcase their expertise. Therefore it facilitates the student looking for a tutor to really find the one matching his or her needs.


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Guillaume on Twitter: @gledieudeville
Lingueo on Twitter: @Lingueo

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