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We celebrated the 20th episode of EDUKWEST with a very special guest. Andrew Warner, Founder of was on the show and as you might know, EDUKWEST is inspired by his great interview series for entrepreneurs.

In the first part of the interview we talked about his work, the story behind Mixergy and how he prepares for his shows but also about the way Andrew learns himself and what impact doing this show made on his life.

Video (Part 1):

Audio only (Part 1):

In the second part of the interview we started with an outlook of what Andrew plans for Mixergy and then we talked about the life of a digital nomad, or digital hermit as he refers to himself and the chances and opportunities of a lifestyle like this.

Video (Part 2):

Audio only (Part 2):

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Kirsten Winkler is the founder and editor of EDUKWEST. She also writes about Social Media, Digital Society and Startups at

  • Looking forward to being here!

  • Kristen and Andrew. Both of you rock and love what you are doing. This is my sole focus in life right now regarding education and careers.

    Kristen, nice call out on Andrew being more relaxed! I love Andrew's thoughts on 'why' he does what he does and his focus on ideas.

    Both of you have a great path ahead and I hope to be a teammate running alongside you.

    Thank you,
    Shane Mac

    • Thank you Shane 🙂 And you are more than welcome to join the team, the more we are, the better!

      • How do I join? I would love to meet you and talk anytime!

  • 28 is definitely not to late to find out something new

    Question for both of you, do you think your comment about the best communities are the ones who talk with their users, ask questions, etc… could be what exactly needs to happen in the education system?

    “The distractions of the world are unnecessary.” (You got it)

    • It is a plus for sure if you have a healthy discussion and listen to the people who are exposed to the problems every day, so in education the teachers, students and parents. In a second circle I would even add companies / entrepreneurs.

      On the other hand you need a strong leadership to sort out the valid points, find common ground and see what is possible.

      But yes, I think there needs to be more awareness through discussion / engagement.

  • Great interview!
    Always happy to learn more from Andrew and I'm glad to learn more about this new site and about you, Kirsten.

    Thank you!