Alexis Dufétel of Blueteach

In this interview I talked with Alexis Dufétel, Chief Marketing Officer of Blueteach. He presented the two products of the company, on the one hand Teacheo which is a platform for young learners specialized on private lessons around all topics in school and on the other hand Blueteach which is the version for adult learners.

The underlying technology of both products is in-house developed and the classrooms offer besides the well know features equasion tools similar to those of Edoboard, a company which I also covered on this series.

Both products are now planned to launch international. The core idea is to make online teaching as easy and intuitive as possible.


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Homepage Teacheo:
Homepage Blueteach:
Teacheo on Twitter: @teacheo
Blueteach on Twitter: @blueteach

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  • George Machlan

    I guess my earlier visits were during beta. They have introduced a lot of functionality to the platform. I surely wish them well as I think they are meeting their goal of staying “easy” to use. Thanks for the visit Kirsten.