After 35 Million Views Common Craft launches Membership for Educators

Lee and Sachi LeFever, the two pioneers of short explanatory videos on the Internet just launched the new version of Common Craft.

This also includes a new membership model. Individuals or groups, schools, non profits or corporations can sign up for Common Craft for a yearly fee, depending on the size (number of employees, staff members) of the business or school / non-profit.

The school membership starts at $159 per year for an individual educator, the business membership at $199. Lee Lefever says that

We’re focusing on teachers, trainers, bloggers and businesses who need better ways to educate others.  Our members will be a big part of how we decide what titles to make in the future.

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Subscribers then have access to the entire video collection of Common Craft, those from the past and those which are going to be produced. The community also gets to see new videos first and has a word on what videos are going to be produced next.

Other membership benefits include

  • Sharing tools – easily embed, display or download any video
  • Worry-free membership – no extra fees for features or views
  • Premium content – access members-only resources
  • Mobile – Web-based videos play on mobile devices
  • Languages – Most videos are available with voice-overs in 8 languages (English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Japanese)

Lee and Sachi LeFever started making videos in 2007 and up to now all of their videos combined have over 35 million views which probably makes them the second biggest education video creators right behind Salman Khan. They also worked with brands like LEGO, Google, Intel and Ford on custom made video lessons for those companies.

I have been a huge fan of Common Craft since early 2008 and I can prove it. Maybe, I was even the first to get inspired by their little cartoon guys and gals, who knows?

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And still today, video markers love the Common Craft style for their adverts

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But I also think the two videos above just prove one thing, Common Craft cannot be copied. No one but Lee and Sachi have the pixie dust to turn 3 minute videos into something magical. I totally agree with this piece of the press release

The simple format, clear communication and lighthearted attitude connects with people on a fundamental level. They make people smile in three minutes.

Kirsten Winkler is the founder and editor of EDUKWEST. She also writes about Social Media, Digital Society and Startups at

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