EDUKWEST – on the search for better education – was founded in 2009 by education blogger Kirsten Winkler to share the talks she had with startup founders and thought leaders in education with a larger audience instead of keeping them for herself.

In June 2011 EDUKWEST added daily news coverage and started to grow the staff of writers and contributors. You can learn more about EDUKWEST’s host, writers and contributors over here.

The Name

Like the knights in the old tales, Kirsten defined her mission as a quest to find the most interesting and promising startups and trends in education. The KW in the name stands of course for Kirsten Winkler.


The flagship show of the network is of course the one that gave it its name, EDUKWEST. Since the first episode published on August 6 2009 Kirsten interviewed more than 80 startups and established brands in education.

Coming from her personal blog KirstenWinkler.com review:ed is the second marquee show on the EDUKWEST network. Each week Kirsten invites a guest to talk about the news in education 2.0 and tech.

The latest addition to the regular show schedule is KICKSTART:ED which is hosted by Kay Alexander. The show covers interesting projects in education or science on the crowd-funding platform Kickstarter.

Connecting with EDUKWEST

Kirsten is very active on the different social networks. You can find her on Twitter @KirstenWinkler or @EDUKWEST, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

You can also contact Team EDUKWEST directly via email and you should also subscribe to the free newsletter.

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