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Aaron Harris of Tutorspree

EDUKWEST always tries to portray what is happening at the forefront of education. To bear up against my own standards, I try to provide you, my viewers, with a balanced mix of more established companies and persons with brand new faces to our market.

EDUKWEST episode 49 is such an example. I had the pleasure of talking with Aaron Harris, co founder and CEO of a service called This startup gives parents the possibility to find great tutors for their kids.

The first pain point the founders identified in that segment of the education market was that parents have actually not used the Internet a lot to find the best person to teach their kids due to issues of trust and lack of transparent evaluation norms.

The second pain point can be found on the tutor side as the market has been largely dominated by agencies in the US taking up to 80% of commission for the placement of tutors.

Tutorspree make sure that each individual educator passes their screening process before he/she is able to offer their services on the website in order to provide family with quality tutoring and having now worries about the person working with their kids. The tutors, on the other hand, can make a decent income on tutorspree. I saw rates varying from around $40 up to $120 per hour depending on qualifications and location, of course and the commission the service take is significantly lower compared with the agency fees.

Now, there have been comments that all of that was not something really new, it existed already, sometimes even for free. I admit that true. Having said that, I believe the strengths of Tutorspree are really the clear and easy to use website and design that makes it possible to book a tutor in max 3 simple steps.The team really tried hard to minimize the hurdles in the online booking process even for non tech savvy parents. In my opinion, the succeeded and I call them the air b&b of online education.

I also dedicated part of the interview to Aaron’s experiences with the YCombinator programme and asked him in what way they got assistance and input from team and mentors over there.

I believe, this interview brings a lot to the table for my viewers as it shows you what a decent product & service you are able to build without having tons of money to invest into technology but by simply analyzing your market really well, by being smart and having the right founding team – and yes, the stress is on team!


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  • Sunwoo

    Thanks for this video, it’s nice to see inside the minds of some of the people who start these early-stage tech startups.  

    • Thanks for the feedback, glad you liked the interview.