4 Great & Free Museum Apps to Teach your Students (or to simply enjoy!)

If you want to learn about art through the centuries, there is probably no better place than one of the great museums. But of course, if you are not living in Paris, London, New York you need to travel and you rarely have an excibition that brings together all great masterpieces of a certain artist.

Well, the next best thing might be one (or all) of the free apps below and visit the museum on a virtual trip.


Planning a trip to the City of Lights or just an art lover? These are two free apps you should definitely download to prepare for your visit or enjoy the collections from the comfort of your couch!

Centre Pompidou

Centre Pompidou AppThe Centre Pompidou app allows you to explore the masterpieces from its collection of modern and contemporary artists. You also get access to its ongoing exhibitions, at the moment that’s Lucian Freud and Sarkis, as well as weekly updates.

Besides articles the app also features videos. You can share (some of the) links with your friends or PLN. Moreover, you get useful links for a future visit of the Centre Pompidou and can even buy your tickets online.

The app is not iPad native. It’s one app for iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. Its latest update dates from Feb. 2011. Little drawback: only in French, so you should at least have some basic understanding of the language.

Centre Pompidou App on the iTunes App Store (free)

Musée du Louvre

Musée du Louvre appThis is the app of the probably most well-known and prestigious museum of all of France! In preparation for a personal or class trip to Paris this is a great way to explore the Louvre’s collections and as the museum is so insanely big to pick your favorites, artworks you definitely don’t want to miss.

The app features 100 masterpieces with over 500 images (zoom in / out) as well as a presentation of the palace itself.
The app itself is FREE, however you can make in app purchases.

The Louvre regularly updates the app, the iPad version is even in HD with the latest update in March 2012. The app is available in French, English & Japanese.

Musée du Louvre App on the  iTunes App Store (free)



NGV AppFor all our educators in Australia or EDUKWEST readers who think about traveling to Melbourne, think about downloading the free app of the National Gallery of Victoria. It’s Australia’s oldest and most distinguished public art museum.

You get access to the highlights of the collection with videos, learn more about upcoming events and have access to the schedule of changing exhibitions. The app should make you appetite to visit NGV, but does not provide users with the full experience of what the museum offers.

The recent update from January 2012 gets nice reviews and seems to have improved the overall experience. The app is available in English and German.

National Gallery of Victoria App on the iTunes App Store (free)



MoMA AppA must for lovers of modern art and a useful tool to prepare a museum trip to New York with your students or talk with them about modern art in class.

The MoMA app gives virtual visitors access to tens of thousands of artworks, you can learn about the artists themselves, get updates on current or planned exhibitions and even take multimedia tours.

MoMA Snaps lets you take pictures you can then send to a friend, or lets you create a playlist for your visit. The latest update is from May 2012 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The app is available in English.

MoMA App on the iTunes App Store (free)

Picture by Pueri Jason Scott, via Wikimedia Commons

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