10 Reasons for Teachers to use Eduglogster


Why Eduglogster?

Most teachers nowadays are aware of the power of giving students a multi-sensory experience in learning. They are aware of the significance of integrating music, multi-media, colour, and critical thinking frameworks into lessons and project work.

When I first decided to teach online, I researched what kinds of tools I would need, as I knew that I would be creating many of my own materials. Eduglogster was a happy find indeed. Today, blended learning and technology is making it’s way into traditional classroom settings too, so this article is aimed at those who work online and educators in general.

Eduglogster is one of my most frequently used content creating tools for the following reasons.

1) It’s extremely user-friendly, and I can create top quality, attractive, multi-media presentations fast.

2) The free version has almost all of the functionality of the premium version, so it’s great for individual edupreneurs to use.

3) There are special school licenses for those who wish to engage full classes of students in creativity projects directly from their language labs.

4)You can use this interactive poster technology to create lessons across all subject areas, the only limit is your imagination. I will focus on English language learning in this article.

5) Whether you are teaching vocabulary or grammar you can design posters around the language concepts to be shared, get a fresh look at exactly what you wish your students to learn, and gain new insights into how to present it.The Eduglogster environment steers you clearly way from the dangers of re-creating text book style lesson plans. If you have seen some traditional power point presentations you’ll know what I mean.

6) The posters are fun to create, help you to be more creative as a teacher, and help you to model this creativity for your students.

7) It’s so user-friendly that your students will be able to make their own posters and explore language in new, exciting ways. This can be via short learning tasks, more ambitious project work, homework, or collaborative learning and team-building endeavours.

8) It generates enthusiasm in class, and is a god-send to students who rebel against traditional learning frameworks for the following reasons:

a) boredom,
b) right-brain dominant learning styles
c) desperation for a hands-on, intuitive approach to learning
d) desire for more autonomy in learning
e) desire for a less teacher-centric approach
f) the natural inclinations of the brain to seek fun
g) the natural inclinations of the brain to engage in deep learning, based on curiosity, research and creative interplay with language and expression.

9) If you are working online, the colourful, brain-friendly presentations will be very easy to make and save you lots of time. They can be used on skype via screen-sharing or printed from your screen to upload as an image to your virtual classroom.

Important web resources or language based links and files can all be attached to one poster, giving students everything they need on one page or even in a multi-level magazine. This saves them the trouble of wasting time surfing the net or saving too many educational URLS that they will never use.

Eduglogster helps in cutting down on information overload and focusing students on concise chunks of information, thereby eliminating stress or time management issues.

10) They can also be stored in files for students on your learning management systems, which could be your website , blog, google drive, moodle, ClubEFL edutainment platform, or other equivalents. Alternatively, you can make Eduglogster your LMS. Embedding and linking whatever is necessary and using the Eduglogster platform functions.

Lastly, I can see Eduglogster as becoming a wonderful tool & environment for philanthropic organizations to reach out to disadvantaged areas around the world.

Sylvia Guinan is an ELT instructor with over fifteen years experience, a degree in English literature and a teaching diploma. Sylvia works online; teaching, writing and developing materials. Her mission is to embrace the best in teaching methodologies and enable students everywhere to develop fluency in a fun, brain-friendly, natural way. You can follow her on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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