Multilingualism in Europe

Florence Mele and Nicholas Niggli to present at Multilingualism in Europe

Today I am happy to announce that we have confirmed two additional speakers for our event on Multilingualism in Europe this Wednesday.

I would like to introduce Mrs Florence Mele, the Director of Studies at ESCP Europe London Campus and Mr. Nicholas Niggli, the Head of the Economic, Trade and Finance Section at the Embassy of Switzerland in the UK.

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Multilingualism in Europe

Nicolas de Santis of Gold Mercury International to keynote Multilingualism in Europe

We are delighted to announce that Nicolas de Santis will deliver his keynote at our event Multilingualism in Europe next week.

Nicolas de Santis is President & Secretary General of Gold Mercury International, the global foresight think tank and global governance award organisation founded in 1961. De Santis is a global vision strategist and internet entrepreneur, advising companies and governments on sustainably driven corporate and brand visions, business model innovation and cultural transformation.

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Acesse Corporation

Rosetta Stone to provide Language Courses via Acesse University

Rosetta Stone announced a partnership with Acesse Corporation, an Internet marketing and advertising service provider with small business clients across the globe.

Under the partnership, Rosetta Stone will provide its language learning products Rosetta Stone Language Learning V3 for Business and Rosetta Stone Advanced English for Business to Acesse’s 400.000 customers through a new continuing education product called Acesse University.

Besides language training Acesse University will offer courses in Internet marketing, business fundamentals and technical skills, aiming to provide entrepreneurs and small business owners with the skills needed to stay competitive in a global market.

Full Release after the break.

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Pope Francis launches Global Online School Network Scholas.Social

Cross-published on EDUKWEST Europe.

Pope Francis officially launched Scholas.Social at a dedicated event in Vatican City. Scholas.Social is a new global, multi-religious and multi-cultural network that aims to connect schools through collaboration, encounter and shared interest.

The platform enables students and teachers across the globe to share projects and learn from each other. They can ask for help which can be given in different ways, from sharing the project over monetary or resource donations to volunteering in the project. This way, Scholas.Social takes a page from the crowdfunding playbook but adds non-monetary ways to support, as well.

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Multilingualism in Europe Brainglass Lingvist

Niss Jonas Carlsson of Brainglass and Mait Müntel of Lingvist to present at Multilingualism in Europe

I am happy to announce that we have confirmed two new speakers for our event on Multilingualism in Europe, in London on September 17: Niss Jonas Carlsson and Mait Müntel.

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Speexx Keynote

Armin Hopp of Speexx to Keynote Multilingualism in Europe

With our event on Multilingualism in Europe only two short weeks ahead, I am delighted to announce our first keynote speaker.

Armin Hopp, Founder and President of Speexx, will speak about why communication-empowered organisations are more agile and profitable and what organisations can do to get the edge.

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Makers Empire

Startup Profile: Makers Empire

Jobs in the creative industry play an increasingly important role for the economy of many countries. The OECD just recently published an interesting report on the growing connection of tourism and the creative industry in countries like South Korea, China, Italy, Japan, the United States and New Zealand.

Besides classic creative jobs in photography and design, so called maker shops are getting more attention in tech hubs across the globe. Besides working on projects that are powered by Arduino chipsets, 3D printing is a massive driver for the growing popularity of the maker movement. It is already successfully used in medicine, fashion, construction or even space travel. Makers Empire from Australia wants to prepare today’s students for their future jobs that might very well involve 3D printing through its 3D design and printing app.

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Multilingualism in Britain

Multilingualism in Britain: A Snapshot From the Trenches

Great Britain is unusual. Geographically isolated, densely populated, and equally blessed and burdened with a history of “ruling the waves”. The majority of foreign nationals in Britain have always been nationals of the Commonwealth, invited guest workers from earlier in the 20th century.

The history of British power has always stood in contrast to Britain’s political need for close ties with the European Union. And over the last decade, there are two things that have really put a strain on the identity of this country: the economic crisis and the expansion of the European Union. EDUKWEST’s kick-off post on Multilingualism in Europe showed that the second language spoken on this island is now not Punjabi or Welsh, but Polish. As Britain is becoming a more multilingual place, why is education policy not following suit?

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EDUKWEST Top 10 August 2014

EDUKWEST Top 10: Most Popular Articles in August 2014

Although August is one of the quieter months of the year when it comes to news items for our coverage, this August brought us some interesting stories nevertheless.

From Edmodo’s $30 million Series D over Desire2Learn’s $85 million Series B in the funding section to new hires at Teachers pay Teachers and new launches like Junction Education we had a lot to cover. Here are the top ten stories that got the most attention from our readers.

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